Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karen & Justin

Er hat sich in sie verliebt.
Sie hat sich in ihn verliebt.

Which means in English:

He fell in love with her.
She fell in love with him.

Which is very appropriate for Karen & Justin who are now living in Germany and who are, indeed, very much in love with each other.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tad & Nikki - the real deal

We are so excited to show the photos of Tad & Nikki's wedding! I have had such a hard time narrowing down their photos for the blog. I keep wanting to put the whole wedding on the blog, which means that I've spent hours editing ALL the photos and then trying to narrow them down to the handful you see below. Needless to say, their wedding rocked and we are totally stoked about the awesome photos that we get to show them!

We also think Tad & Nikki should get jerseys 'cause they make a good team.

Isn't the flower girl adorable?! She and I became little buddies

Don't they make such an awesome couple?

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It was an absolutely stunning location!

I love this tradition. I love how it signifies two distinct lives blending together in a way that is inseparable.

Mr. & Mrs. Hutchens! (Isn't it awesome how he's helping her with her dress? So cute.)

I love the joy and happiness that was plastered on their faces all day!

Isn't she gorgeous???

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coeur d'Alene

We're heading off to Coeur d'Alene this weekend! We make a point of choosing one weekend a month to take a break from shooting weddings and go on a mini vacation. So, we're headed off to The Resort at Coeur d'Alene. We're thrilled to take some time and just enjoy a little R&R.

We will be away from internet access while we are gone. Please feel free to email us anyway, and we'll respond when we return! If you have an emergency and you need to contact ASAP, please feel free to give us a call (our number is on our website and the email auto-response).

Here's what our trip will look like:

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We've never been to Coeur d'Alene and we would LOVE suggestions about things to do/see, places to eat, etc. Please just pop us a comment below and let us know what things you have enjoyed doing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karen & Justin - sneak preview

I am so excited to blog photos from all the fabulous shoots we've had recently. The only problem is that we have had so many awesome shoots lately that I am swamped with photo editing. So for now, please enjoy the sneak previews!

Tad & Nikki - sneak preview

I just wanted to throw out a quick sneak peek of Tad & Nikki's wedding! More photos to be blogged soon!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Chris & Courtney

We headed out to the Oregon Rose Gardens for Chris & Courtney's engagement session and had a blast! I have to admit, while editing their engagement photos, I couldn't stop smiling all the way through. They are such great people who are so in love. We definitely bonded over sharing stories of how we all ended up falling in love. Let's just say, we're both believers in "love at first sight." Which is something I didn't use to believe was possible and now, after marrying Andy and talking with all of our fabulous couples, is something that I think is amazing and very possible. Perhaps I'm being a romantic at heart, but sometimes, when you know a person is right for you, you just know.

So, without further ado, I give you a couple who is definitely right for each other. :D

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jake & Holly's Wedding

Jake & Holly? One word: Awesome. Their wedding at the Heceta Head Lighthouse on July 26th of 2008 was nothing short of fabulous. Upon arriving, we met a perfect Oregon Coast day with misty fog in the morning and sunny skies in the afternoon. What a way to start the day - we had a great time, got some great shots and worked with a very lovely couple - who managed to dazzle their guests with a wine selection from around the world (not to mention a beautiful ceremony and reception!) We're excited to share a few teaser images from their day - look for the full wedding to be live August 26th!


It probably isn't difficult to discover where I got the inspiration for this photo from Cady & Paul's wedding. I'm normally not a fan of this desaturated look, but I was emulating the "Gladiator" look and feel. I'm still not sure that I like it, but I thought I would put it out to all our lovely blog readers and see what you all think. To saturate or not to saturate, that is the question.


As I was finishing editing Lauren & Daniel's wedding photos this morning, I saw this image and was so touched. It is always so beautiful to see people in love - at whatever stage in life they are. However, there is something so incredible about people who have kept being in love throughout their life. I plan to be one of those couples - a couple who is just happy being together.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jonathon & Carrie

For those of you who have watched or read the "Anne of Avonlea" series, you can understand what I mean when I say that Jonathon & Carrie are kindred spirits. We are certainly different in many ways, but we share a certain undefinable connection that can only be appropriately described as being kindred spirits.

We met Jonathon & Carrie while we were living in Corvallis. Like us, they are wedding photographers and they are awesome at what they do (you can check out their work at: We quickly connected when we learned that not only do we have wedding photography in common, but we also have a shared love of classic literature (and reading in general), music (at least Jonathon and I appreciate classical music; Andy is somewhat undeclared on the subject and Carrie has clearly indicated that classical music does not rock her boat), and many other matters both deep and light.

However, while Jonathon & Carrie rock at being photographers and people (yes, you can rock at being a person), they have a common illness that is widespread among photographers which I have labeled as the "i-need-to-be-behind-the-camera-not-in-front-of-it flu." However, as much as being in front of the camera may have made them feel ill, they certainly were fun to photograph. We, as usual, had a blast hanging out with this duo.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Donovan & Mandy

We met up with Donovan and Mandy at McMenamin's Edgefield for their recent engagement shoot. Andy and I love this location. Every time we have a shoot here, we always tell each other that we really need an awesome excuse to stay a few nights and just relax at this fabulous "manor". Not only do we love this location for relaxing, but it is a great place to take photos! We had a blast running around with Donovan & Mandy and taking photos in many different areas of the Edgefield Manor.

It was so much fun meeting Donovan & Mandy. They definitely jived with Andy in the computer realm. There was a few minutes when my brain was asking, "what language are they speaking?" However, while they may be uber intelligent and know a million things about computers that I leave to Andy's brain, they are also extremely personable and fun to be around. We all had a few laughs about wedding planning and the joys thereof. They are such a fun couple and we are so excited to be shooting their wedding in Cannon Beach this October.

On to the fun part - photos!